M/v Jakob Maersk

Pedro Baptista
24th April 2007, 21:46
Hello all!

I found few information about the sinking of the 84.000 dwt tanker m/v JAKOB MAERSK on Jan. 29th '75, near the entrance of Leixões harbour, near Oporto, Portugal.

Does anyone know details of what happened to her besides what's written here (http://www.cedre.fr/uk/spill/jakob/jakob.htm)? And wouldn't someone have a couple of pictures of her, both before and during the sinking? It was one of the biggest incidents in the portuguese coast, if not he biggest, and I was expecting to find more than that. Other sites have just about the same information, kind of "copy-paste". Now I'm curious to know more! (Jester)

Thank you in advanced. (Thumb)

24th April 2007, 22:27

Only two smallish articles from The Times (London) but I will post them anyway (in case they contain some small morsel of info that's of use).

TheTimes_30Jan1975_Oil_Tanker_Blows_Up.png (http://tinyurl.com/2u9qtc)
TheTimes_04Feb1975_Portuguese_Port_Badly_Hit.png (http://tinyurl.com/2rl989)


Pedro Baptista
24th April 2007, 22:55

Thanks for posting so quickly!

I read in both articles you posted that she wasn't 84.000 ton but 48.000 ton as on the link I posted. I believe the the correct tonnage is the one published on your articles.

By the way, I found this (http://spills.incidentnews.gov/incidentnews/FMPro?-db=history&-format=history_detail.htm&-lay=history&RecID=32916&-find) and this (http://marenostrum.org/buceo/portugal/jakobmaersk.htm) meanwhile. However, instead of copy-paste, this last one has another version: she split in two, not in three and her crew was 32, not 17... /me is confused...

This is a photo of the fire, originally posted here (http://www.wunderground.com/wximage/imagesearch.html?citybox=on&city=Porto&countrybox=on&country=Portugal&submit=go).

jorge neves
8th June 2007, 17:21
the lower tonnage were the gross tonnage the higher tonnage were the

Pedro Baptista
9th June 2007, 12:50
the lower tonnage were the gross tonnage the higher tonnage were the
deadweightThank you Jorge.

You probably wouldn't know more about thins, would you? :)

peter barc
19th July 2007, 15:18
My wife was at school when this happend in Leša da Palmeira about 3 kms North of the Jakob Maesk and the school was evacuated as a safety mesure because of the explosion, so she got half a day off school..

19th July 2007, 15:22
Check this webpage


Pedro Baptista
30th July 2007, 00:01

Please excuse me you both, but I wasn't able to thank you previously.

gdynia, this link was helpful. Thanks.

Best Wishes,

24th November 2007, 12:40

Check out http://www.c4tx.org/ctx/job/cdb/search.html, then search on ship name,
then go to precis. The real cause of this killer casualty is known only by the
owner and the Classification Society, but something was badly wrong
in the engine room.

Jack Devanney