Manchester Liners Old Shipmates

25th April 2007, 08:44
If you sailed or had any association with Manchester Liners. the following website and info may be of interest.

Manchester Liners Old Ship Mates Association was founded by Captain Eric Askew, who’s aim was to keep the employees of a very family orientated business in touch with one another for as long as is possible. An aim that has been eminently successful.
How many times have were heard the term “Board of Trade Acquaintances” said of people who have served together in the Merchant Navy. People who have lived and worked together for sometimes only a short period of time, or maybe for many months, before they are spread around the world never to meet again.
Anyone who has served at sea knows how true this is. Manchester Liners though is the exception. Although the Company disappeared off the oceans off the world nearly two decades ago, its spirit still lives on through the Old Shipmates Association.
The Association is not just for the men who manned its ships, but also for all the shore personnel, both at home and abroad. All these people were the Company.