Willie Mac
29th April 2007, 18:36
Does anyone have any information regarding the tragic incident ( around 1970 I think) on Fyffes banana boat "Chuscal" when some of the crew were washed overboard.


Willie Mac

Bill Lewis
25th May 2007, 13:26
Could the incident in late 1965? I recall that after First officer Paul Skelton and I payed of the Tetela in Bremen (after collision repairs) in August 1965. I was assigned to the Changuinola and Paul to another C boat. He wrote to me and told me they had lost the Bosun and one or two deck apprentices overboard. I still get xmas cards from Paul every year, in his card two years ago he told me that by chance, through a mutal friend of his he came into contact with the Skipper who was master on that fateful trip. I can't remember his name but he told Paul that he gave up the sea after the trip.

dave beaumont
28th July 2007, 12:33
The incident you are talking about was 12th April 1966. I e-mail a guy who was on her on that trip and he sent me copies of the newspaper article about it and a copy of the plaque that was made with the names of the missing men. 5 crew lost there lives, the bosun, ab, "deck hand", and two apprentices. They had gone out on deck to secure horse boxes and were swept away by a huge wave during a storm during a voyage from Kingston, Jamaica to Avonmouth. The Captain was John Beaton. his first time in command of Chuscal. I have some pics of her taken arriving back at Avonmouth that i will find and post.A very tragic accident. Dave

15th May 2008, 22:31
I work with a man who was the stuard on board at the time and can remember the soup going over when the wave hit.
My father was also on the trip before and wanted to stay on her but had to leave the ship in Avonmouth for some reason.

John Rogers
15th May 2008, 23:15
Pillhobbler, I take it that you live in Pill,I have some old shipmates that live there, and also knew the Pill ferry man from years gone by.