Baj Baj

30th April 2007, 16:26
Who remembers Baj Baj?(near Culcutta) went there twice in 1964 first time on the Birch in March eaten alive by tiny Mosquitos back again in October this time on the Seafarer not a Mossie to be seen but ship coveredwith small black Beetles

30th April 2007, 21:09
About 20 miles downstream from Calcutta. I thought it was spelt Buj Buj but may be wrong on that. Remember it? I still have nightmares about it. On one visit - I think it was on the Birch as well - one of the Hooghli ferries had sunk with many lives lost. Bodies were still floating down the river when we arrived there. There didn't seem to be any inclination by the local authorities to pull them out.
On another visit - on the Patriot - I remember seeing a pig trapped in the mud by the berth. The vultures gathered & proceeded to eat the pig alive - I thought they only ate dead carcases. The noise that the pig made will live with me forever.
Buj Buj was usually at the end of a run from Abadan or Bombay after discharging at a couple of other delightful Indian ports like Kandla or Vizagapatnam. When you got to Buj Buj & received orders like "Abadan for Orders" & not "Abadan & LEFO" then you knew you were coming back again. Heavan!
Kind regards,

Keltic Star
1st May 2007, 03:08
What a hole. collected a touch of malaria there despite the thick coatings of Board of Trade mosquito repellent.

Used to run there on the "Tudor Prince" on charter to BP & Burma Shell. Abadan, Cochin, Colombo, Madras and Buj Buj (SP?) with avgas and kero. If I remember correctly the shore pipelines were only 6" dia. which meant a very slow discharge at minimal psi. Of course we used to try to beat the odds by increasing the pump rate to get the h--l out of there faster, but to no avail. The shore line would blow resulting in long delays for repair before being able to continue discharge. Those experiences taught me the virtue of patience.

Discharge operations were also curtailed daily for the passing of the tidal bore up the Hooghly which entailed unshackling the anchors to run the chains to shore moorings and disconnecting the discharge lines and of course extra stand-by's.

Bodies, animal carcasses, the population having their morning c--p on the banks, funeral pyres and a few yards down the river someone taking a bath. All in a day's tourism experiences.

Had to anchor half way up the Hooghly to wait for the change in tide, when getting underway, lo and behold there would be about twenty boats full of people dressed in their Sunday best complete with umbrellas hitched to the rudder post. Only time I saw the lead line used, the apprentice pilot took continual soundings during the river transit.

Oh, remember it well, another fine mess the desire of going to sea got me into.

1st May 2007, 09:24
One of the biggest **** holes on earth, was there on the B.P. tanker Clyde Chancellor, Abadan,Cochin,Colombo,Madrass and Budje Budje, one of the only places I have absolutely no desire to visit again, for that matter the whole run wasnt up to much and we seemed to get stuck on it, all the best Mac.

1st May 2007, 12:47
Oh boy do we have the same memories ....I will have nightmares all night long thank you all very much ...

Budge Budge was the way I've always spelt it ... but it seems it doesn't matter because everyone knows exactly where and what you are talking about .....

The Vultures were having a ride down the middle of the river when we were there. Their mode of transport being a bloated cow, it being their packed lunch as well.

Out of sheer desperation ... and all you fellow captive Budge Budge tourists know the feeling .... we took a WALK up the road from the ship in the evening .... BIG mistook!!! What a mass of humanity .... 40 mins and we were back aboard.

Other memories of Budge Budge ...Dragging a shackle ( or two? ) of anchor cable from fwd to aft ... watching the mooring gang shackle the stern cable onto theirs which was under the liquid mud that passed as river water. Disconnecting and the ensuing interminal stand by waiting for the Bore which never came .... the impossible pomposity and superiority complex of the Hooghly Pilots ....

UGH !!! :sweat: the hell with this ... bedtimes.


1st May 2007, 17:33
My lasting memories of the Hooghly and Budge Budge was anchoring during darkness in a jungle and being invaded by insects the size of Cessna's!

1st May 2007, 19:30
Here is part of a Burmah Shell Notice which spells it Budge Budge:-

1st May 2007, 19:50
Ah, the joys of Budge Budge.
Port Health attemted to make my wife have another Yellow Fever injection, as they said that the entry in her book from the UK was in the wrong coloured ink!!
Assume this was in an effort to gain a backhander. I am sure she was polite to them, but the answer was along the lines of off sod.


1st May 2007, 22:49
Paul .... nice to know I am not quite doolally yet and that my spelling was right but wheres the rest of the pumping letter please .... it is interesting too.

Twogrumpy .... loved your vaccination comments .. no doubt there were backshees behind it all. Anyone do 3rdMate/Victualling on Indian crew ships?? Boy when we went to Bombay for a crew change did my eyes get opened ... they condemmed the whole rice store and wanted it landed for destroying. I think I gave him a bottle of whisky and told him that we would throw it overboard when we sailed and told him to order two more sacks of rice ... from which he would have got a backhander .... It was the "Boy" he had tagging behind him with a girt big "Offishal" white satchel which swallowed cartons of fags, the whisky bottle and other such enderments. It makes me laugh when officialdom down here seem to think the rest of the world are honest .... they just don't realise that such bribery and corruption are the only way to make things work. What was the tale now ... PSNC/Royal Mail were taken over and the new management saw the £ zillions for sweetners on the Old Mans voyage requirements. "That will cease forthwith" was the order. The voyage to South America took twice the time due to unavoidable Customs clearance delays and cost three times as much in fines.

Huh .. such was/is life.

1st May 2007, 22:52
Further to that posting re Officialdom .... remember the Customs documents you had to do for Buenos Aires ... reams of them amounting to a complete stock take of the ship down to leather washers for the firemens BA ... miss anything out and the negotiations for recompense were fraught.


2nd May 2007, 10:54
Barnsey, for you the rest of that memo. Hope you can read it.

2nd May 2007, 12:01
Paul .. quite readable thanks a lot ...