1st May 2007, 16:52
Hello all ex BP guys. I left in 2005 after 15 years sailing mainly on LNG ships. Still keep in touch with a few of the old boys. Phil Nevin, Joe Pyne and Dave Fothergill

Still working in shipping, but office based in Glasgow

1st May 2007, 19:03
Welcome aboard John,
There's a fair few ex BP types on here. I left myself late 2006, having had enough.
What's Fothers upto these days? I think I was with him for a rather hazy month on the Skill in 2001. Well, it was an S boat anyway! Think his partner in crime was Terry Lowe (R/O come Leckie) and a few others who I'd better not name on a public site!

3rd May 2007, 11:59
Hi Jim

Fothers now retired. Will hopefully see him this weekend or next week.

Who you working for now.

I like many others quit for the same reasons as yourself.

3rd May 2007, 16:25
Just been doing agency work for the past wee while. Money is quite good, plus different ship types and companies so it keeps it interesting. Oh, and I can choose when to go back to work!
I'd been hearing they've lost a hell of a lot of people in the last year or so through resignations. Still, I don't suppose that lot in Sunbury will ever get the message. In any event they've long gone past the point of no return.