Benwyvis Ocean Terminal Hong Kong 1966

ian keyl
8th May 2007, 20:28
Ben seamed to have a bit of a reputation of trying to demolish or hit things.
On leaving the ocean terminal outward bound we were singled up and pulling ourself astern along the terminal when the pilot shouted slow astern .I was on the brigge telegraph so i duly rang the order, as i watched the rev counte i noticed the engine was not going astern,i shouted this to the pilot and he asked for half astern . Same problem so the old man shouted in from the wing of the bridge full astern by this time she was going astern but no info on the revs ,the chof camr in George Ried grabbed the telegrapgh and rang double astern,well she was away give it great licks towards a Maersky on nNo 32 bouy with about five junks tied up abreast on each ford hatch ,the chinese were cutting thier ropes and heading for safety as we were bearing down on them . The pilot shouted stop her so i went for the e/r phone and belowed down "stop her" to which a reply came from Plug tap Ch Engr Watson if you want her "faster" come ******* down hear, well we left a full headline on the quay and just missed the Kate Maersk by about 40 ft or less but the whole ship was vibrating and the water around the termianl as white with froth.
The wee tug that had been assiting was not to be seen it was mote like a mooring boat.
The outcome was one Chadburn us telegraph on the the bridge and also the rev counter. The leckies soon fixed it and telegraph was checked out in Yokohama next port for drydock. The pilot was concerned that we had caught some of the pillars under the terminal with the bulbous bow.

Tam the Ram (Tom McKenzie ) was mate standing bye ford , the old man was Adam Addison , For all those lads who may remember the crowd on deck were Chippy Joe Crichton, bosun , Charlie Sedgwick, Tommy Dinsdale, well I am stumpted I am getting mixed up the crowd i was with on the Valla throughout 65/66 and those I sent to the new contr ships when i was crewing the ships in HQ Edinburgh. Whoever they were they were the best and a great bunch of people to work with. I must be suffering like the rest of you old age or does it begin with ALTZ.