3rd March 2005, 14:22
hello this is the mad house.

i am trying to find a picture of a cargo ship called the Ledbury

the company was Houlder Brothers and were based in Leaden Hall street London

3rd March 2005, 16:23
In what year was it built? during the 60s i don't remember this name!!!!

3rd March 2005, 19:55
According to the following site it appears to have had several names, can't see a photo yet


Built by Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyards Inc., Baltimore, Maryland.
Launched as JOHN RUSSELL POPE, Lease lend to Britain
1943 SAMDAK, MOWT (Moss Hutchison Line, Liverpool) - British flag.
1947 ALPHA VAAL, Alpha South African SS Co (Moller Line, Durban) - British flag.
1948 LEDBURY, Alexander Shipping Co (Houlder Bros, London) - British flag.
1961 KOPALNIA CZELADZ, Polish Gov't, Szczecin.- Polish flag (Polish SS Co)
1972 Polish SS Co.
1973 Scrapped Faslane.