Hot Shipping

yorky jim
15th May 2007, 17:52
"ROYAL NAVY are all at sea,
Sailors from H.M.S EXETER have flown to the south atlanitic to take over sister ship HMS EDINBURGH half way through it,s ten months deployment.
So if there is no air field close by ,they would be ""ALL AT SEA ""
I can see the planners keeping the vessel out a bit longer ,through this idea ,then they could be caught out with a malfuntion,weapons or engin room,then where will we be.

fred henderson
15th May 2007, 19:54
This has been normal policy for merchant ships for decades and it usually works very well, provided that the ships are fully operational when they complete their classification survey docking. From other reports however, it seems that because of lack of funds a lot of the RN ship systems are not working when the ship leaves UK. The excuse is that the deployment is not expected to require the defective systems, so there is no point in spending money to make them fully operational. To my way of thinking this is extremely reckless if the ship is going to be on an extended deployment where the political situation may change, or even worse the ship is redeployed to a trouble spot.