capt a. p. briggs.....any recollections?

16th May 2007, 01:43
for the record?

Derek Roger
16th May 2007, 02:02
There was a Captain A P Briggs in Brocklebanks and he would be the same age as my late father . I believe they were apprentices together at one time on the Makalla.
He was master of the Mahseer in 1968 and I did sail with him briefly on the Mahseer when I was transferred from Mahsud along with Jake Donnelly Ch/Eng to assist in bringing the Vessel down from Trincomalee September 68 to Colombo . I was 4th Eng at the time and there was a lot of illness on the vessel and some major mechanical problem .
I did not realise at the time he and my father had been shipmates otherwise we could have had some interesting converations.

16th May 2007, 11:56
Sailed as 3rd. Mate with APB. on Mahseer in 1968.

He was a professional Ship Master, who had his finger on the pulse at all times.

APB didn't suffer fools gladly and probably not the life and soul of the bar.

It was a pleasure to sail with him and compared to a some other Masters I sailed with Capt. Briggs was way ahead of the game.

Rgds. Martin

Don A.Macleod
18th May 2007, 22:21
for the record?

Recollections! yes indeed though brief.
I was sent to MATRA(my first ship) to take her on her final "Brocks voyage" Liverpool to Antwerp in April 71.Was looking forward to the two week handover in my favourite continental port.
However,late on the evening prior to arrival in Antwerp I was summoned to the Captains room(told not to worry,not bad news).Had never met him in person before but I was made very welcome to his cabin and offered a refreshment to my liking.Was advised that I was to be repatriated immediately upon arrival as I was to go back to MAHSUD.
Must have chatted for a good hour and found him a really sincere guy totally dedicated to his vocation.
Another "old man" I believe who would have been good to sail with.

27th May 2007, 16:48
for the record?

AP Briggs was captain of the Maidan in June 1959 when I went round the coast on her.

Cannot recollect a thing about him though!

Which means he was probably a quiet sober type!

As were many!