21st May 2007, 22:06
vic hunt

ginger brown

chalk and cheese maybe.........both great to sail with.

did anyone sail with both shipmasters?


2nd August 2007, 12:02
Sailed with Vic on the ACT2 and then the Nicholson. No, it was the other way round! A gentleman who was very good to me personally.

He had his wife on board, I seem to remember, who had him becoming a veggie! Unfortunately for her, he would arrive in the galley at 11 every morning and tuck into a steak!

One of life's all round good guys!

3rd August 2007, 00:02
hi celcis............

quite correct..........:)

i also sailed on the act 2 with capt. hunt, his wife and daughter.
as you say, a gentleman, and only ate his steaks in strictest secrecy......:)

his wife and daughter had the occasional "social disagreement" with the wife and daughter of his choff.

to the credit of capt. hunt........he left the "in-fighting" entirely to the ladies..
he and his choff got on very well, and let the ladies "sort it. themselves" the obvious benefit of the ship in general.
other shipmasters could have made life difficult for the choff, but capt. hunt was above that.

a seagoing gent............:)

best regards........

3rd August 2007, 13:42
I remember, as an apprentice just joining a ship (can't remember which one it was now), being required to introduce myself to the Chief Officer. He held his hand out with, "nice to meet you, the name is Hunt - spelt with an 'H'"!! Vic Hunt - one of nature's gentlemen, he was only coasting so didn't have much time with him.


10th June 2009, 22:33
Hi All. I sailed with Ginger Brown on the Port Albany in 1968, my first trip in Port Line, I was 2nd Lecky. Others I remember were Ian Rankin, Charley Simpson? C/E, Dennis Watson Lecky, Billy-Shotaway-Shotton, Roy Harvey Freezer plus 2 Irish Engs named McConnell (1 from North 1 form South) both great guys and Jaggers Fridge Greezer. Anybody know any of them. (Frogger) (Jester)

10th June 2009, 22:46
Dennis Watson i recall from the A.C.T ships in the 70's.
I remember he was a director of Sunderland F.C.

the stories about "Ginger" Brown are legion, and would fill a bridge logbook


10th June 2009, 23:01
Suprised to hear about Dennis Watson as he always said he came from Hartlepool, where they Hung The Monkey, I'm not sure if he was not involved.(Jester) (Jester)