HMS Tyne (1941)

21st May 2007, 23:34
HMS Tyne leaving Portsmouth. 08.1960

22nd May 2007, 08:55
I believe she was heading for Devonport to become an accommodation ship as part of the Reserve Fleet there. She had the old monitor 'Roberts' moored alongside her in this role.

26th May 2007, 15:27
This was probably after Navy Day at Portsmouth, 1 Aug 1960. As well as HMS Tyne, some of the other ships on display were: HMS Centaur (aircraft carrier), HMS Apollo (flagship of Home Fleet), HMS Gambia (cruiser), fast patrol boat Brave Swordsman and battleship HMS Vanguard (later towed to Scotland for breaking up).

31st January 2013, 14:32
I was in Tyne twice, first time was in 53 when we steamed Tyne from Malta to Singapore. Second time was when she was designated Defiance in Guzz dockyard 1971. On the first occasion we buried at sea (Indian Ocean) a mate of mine, a L.S.M. he died of appendicitis.