Rms Orama

6th March 2005, 10:19
I came to Australia as a young girl in the RMS ORAMA - I think she was with Orient Line - in 1939. War was declared just after we docked in Melbourne and I believe she went back with only mail aboard. I did hear she had been blown up in Narvik, but wondered if anyone knows anything more about her fate?

Doug Rogers
7th March 2005, 05:51
Picture of her in the Gallery...nice looking vessel....and she was the tryout for the Orient corn coloured hull which was introduced to the fleet in 1935.

27th March 2015, 21:03
My Dad was the Chief Electrician on the Orama, one of the few who were killed, apparently a german sailor had not set the height of the torpedo tube and the next one he fired instead of hitting the ship below the water line it skipped and hit the superstructure killing the final lifeboat occupants, as is the custom it contained the officers, there is a video of the ORAMA sinking. Incidentaly if you were had been on the ship prior to 1936 you may well have met my mother who was the sick bay nurse.
The Orama became armed the last time she left Australia where the guns were fitted, not sure if this meant she was HMS as opposed to RMS, She was certainly an armed troop carrier when she was sunk.
there is a video on the www of the last moments of the Orama as she sank, taking my dads body with her, bit of a disaster that day they lost a tanker and an aircraft carrier.