HMS Cumberland (1928 - 1959)

28th May 2007, 23:21
Lets start a new thread !!
HMS Cumberland leaving Portsmouth...04/1959

fred henderson
29th May 2007, 00:11
This was near the end of her life as a trials ship and she is carrying a 6 inch Mark 26 automatic turret on her B barbette. This turret was fitted in the Tiger class cruisers. Mechanical perfection with two water cooled barrels each able to fire 20 rounds per minute, but of course it arrived in service just before the missile age changed naval warfare.


29th May 2007, 18:16
The County class cruisers were a great class and served the navy well. This is Cumberland entering Malta harbour.

29th May 2007, 23:25
Nice photos. I agree, it was a great class. My dad was bugler on two of the three Australian county class heavy cruisers, HMAS Canberra ( and her replacement HMAS Shropshire ( (ex HMS). HMAS Australia ( was the third.

12th June 2007, 21:51
My dad was on the Cumberland at the time of the Graf Spee incident. Somewhere I think I have some pictures he took while on board, if I can find them I will try to post them. I recently met a man who lives locally to me who is (President?) of the HMS Cumberland Association. I have said I will let him have any memorabillia that I can find.

Steve Woodward
13th June 2007, 17:26
The Kent class heavy cruiser Cumberland was one of the only two ships of Force G involved in the hunt for the Graf Spee to actually star in the Movie ' Battle of the River Plate' the other ship being the INS Delhi - the Achillies after being sold off in 1948.
She was in her training ship days with no main armament left but still a grand old lady, her career spanned 30 years in commission in the RN. As a trials ship she tested a few new weapons including as Fred has mentioned the Mk26 auto 6" gun, she also participated in Nuclear fallout wetting trials - something I bet her designers never thought of for the old girl.
Much has been said and written of this class - a book 'Treaty Cruisers' by Leo Marriot obtainable from Pen & Sword gives a very good write up of the various classes that made up the county class.
I feel that one of these ships should have been kept as a museum ship as they represented all that was good in the RN , from all the letters and writings on this class they came across as popular well loved ships that were as seaworthy and comfortable ( in the relative sense) as any afloat.
Cumberland was built by Vickers Armstrong (Barrow-in-Furness, U.K.) being laid down on the 18 Oct 1924, launched 16 Mar 1926 and commiossioned on the 23 Feb 1928 Cumberland was broken up at Cashmore, Newport arriving there on 3 November 1959.

20th July 2007, 16:29
I`ve A Photo Somewhere Of The Cumberland In Malta In 1956,if I Can Find It I`ll Post It In The Gallery, I Think She Was An Experimental Ship Trying Out Various Guns, I Might Be Wrong On That Tho.

yorky jim
20th July 2007, 19:01
Here is a pic of her at the latter end of her career

20th July 2007, 21:40
I used to have a little, die-cast metal waterline model of Cumberland when I was a kid, together with quite a few other WW2 examples. My friends and I spent hours fighting naval battles on our front door step.

22nd July 2007, 09:01
The County class cruisers were a great class and served the navy well. This is Cumberland entering Malta harbour.

Looks like the Med but it aint Malta. (Smoke)

15th January 2009, 14:24
Hello Everybody,

Im karen and just joined today, I am very interested in the cumberland during the second world war, as my grandads half brother i believe to have been killen in the engine room hes name was robert v or t winslow. I would love to hear from anyone who is alos interested in the cumberland and any one with any information about the cumberland 1939-1945 karen

23rd January 2009, 09:26
Hello Karen. There's some info on the Cumberland here (

Good hunting.

23rd October 2009, 20:19
Hi everyone. I'm new to these boards. I have just come accross an original photo of the Cumberland taken in Feb. 1948. The only reason I can think of the reason that my deceased Dad had it was that his brother was in the Royal Navy and may have been on it during the war. His name was Jim Lowry from County Down N. Ireland.
Anyone any ideas?

15th November 2009, 10:01
Hello ! My grandad was on Cumberland during the Graf Spee incident. I would love to hear from anyone that might have known him. His name was Jack Izzard, Royal Marines


15th November 2009, 10:54
Lancastrian has it right, it is`nt Malta, could be one or two places such as the navy base in Italy, Torronto or probably Greece, still a nice picture of the old girl, any idea what the carrier is in the back ground.

15th November 2009, 14:32
The Cumberland was still in commission when "The Pursuit of the Graff Spee" was filmed and put in a dramatic appearance in the movie, just as she did during the actual event in 1939. In fact, I believe that was the only movie where the ships were listed in the credits as though they were members of the cast.

15th November 2009, 16:05
I reckon its Naples and the carrier is Ark or Eagle. That film was Battle of the River Plate everywhere but the USA.

15th November 2009, 17:55
Could be Naples, it's NOT Trieste, as far as I can see it's not La Spezia or Genoa either. As for the Carrier I'd go for Eagle.

19th November 2009, 16:51
Post #3 definitely shows her entering Naples - Molo Angioino is the jetty astern of the carrier, with Castel Nuovo behind it and Certosa di San Martino on the hill behind that. The carrier, as others have said, is ARK or EAGLE, which (from this angle) were nearly identical in their early careers. My guess is EAGLE.


16th November 2010, 09:05
hello my dad served on the cumberland in the mid 50s said she was testing 6 inch and 3 inch quick firing guns also said she shot down an american target drone no one else could hit as the guns were raidar controled

27th January 2011, 13:49
Cumberland was my first Ship,I left her in 1959. Those guns were spot on,during firing I worked in the magazine easy sending them up,but after the boffins finished,it was a multi task to send the unfired shells back down below. As for the 6 inch,when they fired All the rubbish left by the dockyard maties came tumbling down from the bulkheads. In the making of the film you will notice as she steamed past Grand harbour she had no guns on board.

11th March 2011, 13:35
I joined HMS Ark Royal on 31st Ocober 1956 in Guzz Dockyard - HMS Cumberland was in dry dock agt the time.

24th February 2014, 22:41
Hi, could this be the Cumberland my late father sailed with as AB June 1949-Nov 1949 or was there another one ?

26th February 2014, 21:14
Gilieman, yes this was your father's ship, HMS Cumberland County class cruiser.

15th March 2015, 06:41
Hi Everyone,

My name is Jayson Killick and I am in search of anyone who served on the HMS Cumberland in 1958 or knows of anyone who served on the ship? I am trying to out more information regarding my Grandfather Owen Thomas Williams.

Owen Thomas Williams completed his Naval training at HMS Raleigh in 1950 and went on to serve on HMS Dunkirk, HMS St. Brides Bay, HMS Indefatigable, R.N.H Plymouth, HMS Victorious.

I have my Grandfather's Service Records and find it hard to understand the handwriting of the time but can only make out the NSG (Near East) Medal but have been told he was also awarded the Korean General Service Medal, UN Korean Medal and the Malaya Medal.

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.