Wreck Morning Star 1882

31st May 2007, 16:45
Tracing crew member,

Does anyone have information on the wreck of the Morning Star? Tracing possible loss of crew member John Moroney aged 19 yrs

ID No 1084544 - Type Cargo Ship - Flag GBR - Launch Date 06.05.1882 - Yard No 40 - Builder Irvine - Yard Harbour Dock

Wrecked Vieux Boucou 27.10.1882


31st May 2007, 19:47
From The Times, 31 Oct 1882:
The Morning Star, English steamer, and the Norwegian vessel
Borntand are reported ashore 20 miles north of Bayonne; crews

Another shipping accident reported in Dec of that same year mentions another Morning Star, a fishing lugger, not in the accident but reporting the loss of another trawler, Minnie, of Looe, off Berry Head with three lives.


31st May 2007, 20:33
Using a different search, found two more articles in The Times (the second introduces the possibility of casualties):

Tue, 31 Oct 1882
A telegram received through Reuter's agency from
Bayonne, states that the British steamer Morningston (?),
with 715 tons of ore on board, bound from Bilbao for
Rotterdam, was wrecked on Saturday morning on the coast
of Vieux-Boucau, in the Department of Les Landes. The
crew, consisting of 14 men, were saved, but the vessel and
cargo were lost.

Mon, 6 Nov 1882
A telegram received through Reuter's agency from
Bayonne, dated Nov. 4, states that the English steamer
Morning Star, from Bilbao for Rotterdam, which was
wrecked off Vieuxboucan (sic) on the 28th ult., has parted
amidships. Two of the crew are missing, and three others
were seriously injured.


1st June 2007, 08:05
Thanks Martin,

Your response is highly appreciated and has been passed on to my mate who asked me for some assistance in tracing his sea going relative.

I am fairly new to this game of searching the net but I've learned from your search where I may get names of survivors or those who were lost.

Best regards,
Taleso (Gordon Porter)