Swan River

Graham P Powell
2nd June 2007, 20:56
I was Radio Officer on the Houlders ship "Swan River" in 1967/68.
Did a round the world tramping trip. Lovely ship though the radio gear
needed replacement!
Capt was HR Neal. 3/O Mike Porter.

non descript
2nd June 2007, 22:21
Yes, a very good ship with an excellent and happy crew.

Built in 1959; sold by Houlders in 1971, and re-named Premier Atlantic; 1973 Confidence Express, 1979 Bachlong; 1980 Eastern Concord; 1983 broken up.

A picture of her is here ( http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/40409/si/swan%20river/what/allfields/mcats/510)

2nd June 2007, 22:30
And "Old Man" Neal was a real gem. Granny Neal! I served with him on two ships for some time.

6th June 2007, 11:03
i sailed on the Swan River from Sep1967 to Mar 1968, as an engineer, the skipper was Captain Belton and the chief engineer was A. hamer, actually it was my first trip, and it turned out to be a great trip.
Cheers Jack Todd

stuart davies
1st November 2007, 23:02
I worked for Houlders in Newport and remember the builders model of the
Swan River kept in the office front window. The Swan River was registered in
Newport and the Master in 1959 was Captain R.M.Potts.
Stuart Davies

terence riley
5th April 2012, 18:30
I was Radio Officer on the Houlders ship "Swan River" in 1967/68.
Did a round the world tramping trip. Lovely ship though the radio gear
needed replacement!
Capt was HR Neal. 3/O Mike Porter.

I sailed as 5th Engineer. You must have been on the same trip. B.A. and River Plate, Durban, Singapore, Yokosuka & yokohama Japan, Fiji Isles, Panama Canal, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Dublin, Liverpool. 25.03.1967 to 30.08.1967. Terry Riley

5th April 2012, 21:37
i was in the swan river from 15/5/63 til 3/7/64 that was 3 trips the second trip was a similar trip to yours liverpool ,south wales ports then the river plate ports loaded for japan(yokohama,yokosuka) then the west coast of canada(new westminster niaimo) then home through the panama canal docked in london.
i was 2nd cook & baker captain potts was the skipper the finest skipper i ever sailed with and a great ship

Tony Wilkins
30th October 2014, 08:30
I was also a first trip apprentice in 1967/8 on MV Swan River. I remember you Jack, I think our cabins were next to each other. I remember the Third Officer was Dave Pratt, Second Officer Exley? First Officer John Jubba and Captain Belton who I think was on his last trip before retirement.

26th March 2015, 09:49
Hi Tony,
Just read your post and yes I do remember you on the Swan, there was another cadet from South Africa, it was my first trip and the memories are still with me
Regards Jack

8th June 2015, 22:28
There is an article on The Swan in the Feb 2015 edition of "Shipping Today & Yesterday" she was sold the same year I joined Houlders

26th June 2015, 13:18
My 1st post - just joined. 'Ships Nostalgia' popped up when I was googling for Houlder Bros & when I saw the posts on the Swan River I just had to sign up.

My father was on the Swan River. Initially as 1st Mate from the late 50s to early 60s mainly with Capt Potts. Then he was Master on her from about '64 to '70. He loved that ship, the River Plate run and Buenos Aires and liked working for Capt Potts . My father was very friendly with Alan Hampshire, one of the shore staff in BA. He'd got his master ticket in the late '50s but didn't want to leave the Swan River (and I don't think he wanted to move to the ore ships either) so stayed on as 1st Officer for quite a while. He did eventually move to the ore carriers - Oreosa, Orepton, Oredia but managed to get back the Swan River by about 1965. Does anyone remember him? - Neville Roberts. I imagine he was a bit of a ***. Would love to hear of anyone who does.

I remember the ship well. We lived in North Wales and as a child I often went on her when she docked in Liverpool. I was intrigued by the wood panel in the dining room of the black swans on the Swan River in Perth.

Many thanks for the chap who posted the pic of her. We used to have lots of photos of her but they've all disappeared, so it was really good to see her again. Does anyone know of any other photos of her. I remember my father had a big one of her sailing past the Sydney Opera House.

Someone else mentioned the article in the February edition of Shipping Today & Yesterday. Is it a good, thorough article? If it is I'll try and get hold of it if the library have a copy.