The Oldest Lieutenant in the Navy

4th June 2007, 01:43
I am looking for some more info on this chap. I found this note on Lt John Denis De Vitre, RN while on the net looking for some thing else. Just how long was he in the RN? Looking at the dates he enlisted in 1770 at 14 yrs of age. The muntiny at Nore was in 1797, or there abouts, which gives him 27 yrs service and he died in 1846 at 90 yrs of age. What did he do from 1797 to 1846, was he still serving in the RN? If so that would give him some 76 yrs service.

See attached note Lt De Vitre, RN


Blair Lagerstedt

7th June 2007, 23:30

This appeared in The Times 1 Jan 1847:

Lieutenant John Denis De Vitré (1781!) died on the 29th
inst., at Lancaster, in his 90th year. This gallant veteran's
commission, as lieutenant, bears date the 3d of March, 1781;
thus he had been nearly 56 years in that rank when he died.
He commanded the Biter gun-brig, and was wounded in the
expedition to Ostend in 1798. He was the oldest lieutenant
upon the list, and was on the pay of 7s. per diem. Lieutenant
Robert John Hibbs (1796!) now becomes the senior lieu-
tenant on the Navy List.

The text you attached also appeared in The Times. Unfortunately couldn't find anything further to elaborate on his latter service.

So, he was a Lieutenant for 56 years but wonder how long he was in the navy?