Work to start on fourth Astute Class submarine

fred henderson
4th June 2007, 22:11
Unless I have missed a thread, no one seems to have written about the MoDís long awaited go-ahead to start construction of a fourth Astute class attack submarine for the RN. As always, however, good news from our present government is coupled with restrictions. £200 million has been approved to cover initial construction work through to 2008. Providing the MoD and BAE reach agreement on the ongoing programme to drive down construction costs, then a follow-on contract is expected to be entered into in 2008 for the remaining construction, integration, commissioning and trials. The MoD has set a ceiling price of £900 million for the complete boat.

As BAE has entered into the contract for the fourth boat, one assumes that this price is feasible, which is great news, as at one time their proposed price for boat four was £1.3 billion. A further condition is that agreement is reached that the first three boats will not exceed a total of £3.65 billion. Nevertheless it is an odd way to build a Navy.

For the record the names selected for the four boats are: -


A total of seven boats are planned.