old coasters

11th June 2007, 00:35
does anyone know the fate of the:

11th June 2007, 02:02
Did you check in the SN coaster gallery?

Brummi is discussed here:

11th June 2007, 23:17
i sure did. the brummi and nanna are there but i cannot find out anything about the others!

21st June 2007, 09:55
Well according to my own records Tresco was renamed Poseidon in 1990 then Armeistis until 2004 when she became Georgia M under which name she is still sailing under the Greek flag for DIAKTOR SHIPPING CO LTD of Piraeus

Assuming I have the right ship of course, details I have are built 1965 at Foxhol, IMO 6503975, GT 1173, DWT 1623

gil mayes
21st June 2007, 14:44
Yes David you have the right ship.

21st June 2007, 15:24
Is it possible that 'Harostan' is a spelling error and that the vessel was the 'Marystan' ex Beck's vessel, well known around the S.W. England ports ??

gil mayes
21st June 2007, 18:38
No HAROSTAN (7026821), 499grt/Martenshoek-1970, ex Eva Sif-79 is the correct name. In the 80s she was PAN flag and owned by Rederi-Interessentskabet Harostan (Knud I. Larsen, Copenhagen,manager).

21st June 2007, 19:59
found out that HAROSTAN was lost at sea some time ago.

21st June 2007, 22:30
If you go into 'Google' type in Harostan then search. A page will open and about
4 entries down the page there is a heading, HAROSTAN back to coasters, click on that and a photo of her passing under the Humber Bridge will show.

25th June 2007, 09:43
yep found her.
miramar also has updated their records and she now resides on the bottom of the deep blue.

7th September 2011, 15:10
I know I'm a bit late on this one but I joined Tresco as mate in 1986. I stayed with her for a couple of years. Cargo fixers were Alexanders Partners. She was privately owned.
I left her to do my class 2 FG and after I'd finished that the owner had sold her on. I worked for Stevie Clarks and P+O containers for a while.
But funnily enough I went to join the Nedlloyd Tasman in Athens in 1994 and when I walked round the Pireaus I saw her on the end of the row with a big list to starboard and broken wheelhouse windows.
She's had a cargo of cement shift near Ushant and been taken in tow to Brest and sold to Greece after that.
She was a fine ship. We ran her with 6 men. She's been built to run with 12.

7th September 2011, 15:52
This is the current record I hold for her

O.N. 307104. 1,173g. 684n. 1,597d. 237’ 1” x 34’ 9” x 14’ 10”oa.
Post 1993: 979g. 497n. 1,623d.
6-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (400 x 580mm) Deutz type engine made by Kloeckner Humboldt Deutz AG, Koeln. 1,860bhp.
4.1965: Completed as EDEN FISHER by N. V. Scheeps. “Foxhol”, Foxhol (Yard No. 120) for James Fisher & Sons Ltd., Barrow.
1979: Sold to Coe, Metcalf Shipping Ltd., (S. William Coe & Company Ltd. managers) Liverpool and renamed BLACKTHORN.
1985: Sold to Venisol Shipping Corp, and renamed TRESCO, under Bahamas flag.
1990: Sold to Dolichi Maritime Company S.A., and renamed POSEIDON, under Honduras flag.
1993: Sold to Armenistis Naftiki Eteria, Greece, and renamed ARMENISTIS.
2.2.1997: Whilst on a ballast voyage from Laurium to Crete, suffered an engine room explosion and fire 1 mile south of Makronisos Island. Fire spread to accommodation block. 8 crew rescued.
3.2.1997: Towed to Piraeus Roads then to Perama for repair which included a replacement superstructure block.
26.7.1997: Repairs complete.
7.2004: Sold to Diaktor Shipping Company Ltd, Piraeus, and renamed GEORGIA M.
5.2011: Still on Equasis.