old coasters

11th June 2007, 00:35
does anyone know the fate of the:

11th June 2007, 02:02
Did you check in the SN coaster gallery?

Brummi is discussed here:

11th June 2007, 23:17
i sure did. the brummi and nanna are there but i cannot find out anything about the others!

21st June 2007, 09:55
Well according to my own records Tresco was renamed Poseidon in 1990 then Armeistis until 2004 when she became Georgia M under which name she is still sailing under the Greek flag for DIAKTOR SHIPPING CO LTD of Piraeus

Assuming I have the right ship of course, details I have are built 1965 at Foxhol, IMO 6503975, GT 1173, DWT 1623

gil mayes
21st June 2007, 14:44
Yes David you have the right ship.

21st June 2007, 15:24
Is it possible that 'Harostan' is a spelling error and that the vessel was the 'Marystan' ex Beck's vessel, well known around the S.W. England ports ??

gil mayes
21st June 2007, 18:38
No HAROSTAN (7026821), 499grt/Martenshoek-1970, ex Eva Sif-79 is the correct name. In the 80s she was PAN flag and owned by Rederi-Interessentskabet Harostan (Knud I. Larsen, Copenhagen,manager).

21st June 2007, 19:59
found out that HAROSTAN was lost at sea some time ago.

21st June 2007, 22:30
If you go into 'Google' type in Harostan then search. A page will open and about
4 entries down the page there is a heading, HAROSTAN back to coasters, click on that and a photo of her passing under the Humber Bridge will show.

25th June 2007, 09:43
yep found her.
miramar also has updated their records and she now resides on the bottom of the deep blue.

7th September 2011, 15:10
I know I'm a bit late on this one but I joined Tresco as mate in 1986. I stayed with her for a couple of years. Cargo fixers were Alexanders Partners. She was privately owned.
I left her to do my class 2 FG and after I'd finished that the owner had sold her on. I worked for Stevie Clarks and P+O containers for a while.
But funnily enough I went to join the Nedlloyd Tasman in Athens in 1994 and when I walked round the Pireaus I saw her on the end of the row with a big list to starboard and broken wheelhouse windows.
She's had a cargo of cement shift near Ushant and been taken in tow to Brest and sold to Greece after that.
She was a fine ship. We ran her with 6 men. She's been built to run with 12.

7th September 2011, 15:52
This is the current record I hold for her

O.N. 307104. 1,173g. 684n. 1,597d. 237’ 1” x 34’ 9” x 14’ 10”oa.
Post 1993: 979g. 497n. 1,623d.
6-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (400 x 580mm) Deutz type engine made by Kloeckner Humboldt Deutz AG, Koeln. 1,860bhp.
4.1965: Completed as EDEN FISHER by N. V. Scheeps. “Foxhol”, Foxhol (Yard No. 120) for James Fisher & Sons Ltd., Barrow.
1979: Sold to Coe, Metcalf Shipping Ltd., (S. William Coe & Company Ltd. managers) Liverpool and renamed BLACKTHORN.
1985: Sold to Venisol Shipping Corp, and renamed TRESCO, under Bahamas flag.
1990: Sold to Dolichi Maritime Company S.A., and renamed POSEIDON, under Honduras flag.
1993: Sold to Armenistis Naftiki Eteria, Greece, and renamed ARMENISTIS.
2.2.1997: Whilst on a ballast voyage from Laurium to Crete, suffered an engine room explosion and fire 1 mile south of Makronisos Island. Fire spread to accommodation block. 8 crew rescued.
3.2.1997: Towed to Piraeus Roads then to Perama for repair which included a replacement superstructure block.
26.7.1997: Repairs complete.
7.2004: Sold to Diaktor Shipping Company Ltd, Piraeus, and renamed GEORGIA M.
5.2011: Still on Equasis.

8th June 2014, 16:38
Hi, I was on her(Tresco) in 86 too, I sure I was on her with weychan(the person who posted above. I can just recall all the names of the crew who were on her during the summer/autumn of 86. Willie was the captain, the poster above(weychan) was called Paul, his girlfriend was the cook, then there was Maurice and Keith from the engine room, Dennis, Tom, Oompa Lumpa(real name long forgotten) and myself. She was owned by the captain. I was only a young guy then and can say without doubt it was the best summer in my whole life. If you do read this Paul please get in contact as I'd love to know how the rest of the guys are.