16th June 2007, 15:42
Having Trouble Booting Up Getting Message On Screen Hook Load Failed Load Ddl I Then Wait Until Norton Has Finished Scanning Programs Ok After That
Would Appreciate Help
Yours Albatross 1923

16th June 2007, 17:56
Hi Albert,

Could be a number of things so I can't provide a definite answer but maybe some ideas of how to progress.

I found an instance of someone else with a similar error message here: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forums/index.cfm?action=showthread&threadid=260201&forumid=1 which you might like to check out. If you Google hook load failed norton you will come up with a load of other hits which I have not followed up.

Often an error occurs following a change being made to your configuration. Have you added or removed any software recently? Did the error crop up shortly or immediately after doing this? If this has cropped up after a change you may be able to get back to where you were using a Windows Restore Point if you are using Windows XP.

If this does not relate to a change have you had problems with your hard disk? I would recommend you check your disk(s) for errors. Do this by right clicking on the hard drive icon in Explorer, selecting the tools tab and you will see it.

Good luck!


17th June 2007, 04:42
Unable to get access to my email, screen comes up with"internet explorer cannot display web page".Have had phone call from friend unable to get thru also.Yahoo not much help so can anyone suggest a course of action to follow. Kiwi

17th June 2007, 10:38
Suggest you go into "safe Mode" boot up.
Errors like this can occur when "in conflict" with
a firewall. May be a corrupted DLL file. In fact
when I had Norton, I had endless problems like that.
Ditched and cleansed, sweet as a nut.
MS help online is useful, if you have made a note
of the error messages. If you press "print screen"
button on your keyboard, then in a graphics package
save as new image, you will have a record of it.
Always assuming you can get beyond the error message,
that is ... Safe Mode should do it.
I also suggest you take the PC back to a previous life,
using System Restore.