14-18 war wreck

David Davies
21st June 2007, 09:15
In 1949 in either Tanga or perhaps Dar es Salaam? there was a beached wreck of a medium sized passenger ship lying in a creek off the main channel.
Was this the German AMC "Kaiser Willhelm der Gross " after her encounter with
HMS Highflier?

21st June 2007, 11:45
Do not know what the wreck was, but the Kaiser Wilhelm der Gross was working in the vicinity of the Canary Islands, put it to Rio de Oro (Spannish Sahara), and was scuttled (German version) or sunk (British version) shortly after sailing from there.
See http://www.greatoceanliners.net/kwdg.html
Regards, Dennis.

David Davies
21st June 2007, 14:25
Thanks Dennis, obviously not Kaiser Wilhelm der Gross (how ever did they get that name round the sailor's cap tally) If I remember correctly afterv 58 years I was told it was a German AMC involved in the struggle for German East Africa

11th February 2009, 18:29
The wreck at Tanga was the DOAL cargo ship Markgraf, destroyed in the harbour by the monitor HMS Severn. The wreck was subsequently removed by an Italian salvage company in 1956.