Atlantic Endeavor

16th March 2005, 02:12
Information on fate of ATLANTIC ENDEAVOR last Known name SYOSSET. Want to know when and where she was scrapped and if possilbe last name. Thanks mrgrump.

28th March 2006, 19:52
MrGrump, I know this is an old request but her goes.
The Atlantic Endeavour was built by Sun SB & DD of Chester for Philadelphia and Northern Steamship Co . Changed name in 1976 to Arco Endeavour. In 1984 became Mobils' - Syosset. Scrapped in October 1993 in Alang under the same name.
There is a web site with some pictures as follows:
Hawkey01 (Fly)

This site will not reroute from here sorry but if you look in Yahoo under Syosset you should find it ok

23rd July 2006, 20:00
Thank you for thje info on my old ship Atlantic Endeavor. I am sorry I took so long to respond to it.What a sad end to a good ship.I will try the website for some pics. Once again thanks. Mrgrump