yorky jim
23rd June 2007, 14:20
I am looking for any sites which states which towns and cities ,adopted ship/subs during the war.
Ihave put many words in to google but i find nothing shows up.

23rd June 2007, 14:43
Hi Yorky Jim

One which is still going very strong is Knutsford and HMS Wren. The ship's bell is now in the Parish Church and the Mayor is represented every year at the Association Reunion.


23rd June 2007, 16:07
I am looking for any sites which states which towns and cities ,adopted ship/subs during the war.
Ihave put many words in to google but i find nothing shows up.


The following WW2 RN ships that I know about, were adopted by the these towns :-

Bolton HMS Dido
Settle, Yorks HMS Ribble
Tynemouth HMS Firedrake
Padiham,Lancs HMS Pearl ( Asdic Trawler)
Belper HMS Brocklesby
Brentford HMS Antelope
Swansea HMS Arethusa
Dearne, Lancs HMS Rennet
Leeds HMS Ark Royal

Also I have found this site with a few more, hope it helps :-



yorky jim
23rd June 2007, 18:21
When i joined up to be in the ROYAL NAVY at LEEDS.the moment you walked through the door ,right in front of you on the wall .Was a huge pic of the ARK ROYAL .the attc pic is a dead ringer.

Santos many thanks for your help,for other lads on site ,it may give them a surprise to which ships are tied up where they live.

24th June 2007, 01:03
Northampton had HMS Laffory, a L class destroyer as their affililated warship. They still hold parades for the ship, which was lost during WWII.
I also remember that Kettering was affililated to HMS Sheffield, the type 42 lost during 1982, but I will have to check this one up, unless someone less knows.
Leicester had HMS Tiger, a cruiser.
Corby had HMS Hecate, a survey ship.
Lincoln had HMS Wranger, a WWII destroyer, later converted into a Frigate, sold to South Africa and later expened as a target.
You can also find out about adopted ships by the name of the local Sea Cadet unit. Many were named after the towns adopted ships. i.e. Northampton SCC was known as T.S. Laffory, Leicester is T.S. Tiger, Lincoln is T.S. Wrangler, Kettering is T.S. Pytchley,etc. But the Corby unit was know as T.S. Corbie (note different spelling).
Another source would be the Navy News. There are usually articles of Sea Cadets visiting ships. You may be able to see their cap tallies, which display which unit they belong to.
Hope this is a help.

Lindsay Bremner
24th June 2007, 15:50
Aberdeen raised cash to build a Dido Class cruiser named HMS Scylla. The local Sea Cadet unit uses the name.

yorky jim
24th June 2007, 16:19
That was one ship i did know about ,as i was on the SCYLLA F 71 and we visited ABERDEEN a good few times ,when we were doing patrols above norway.

26th June 2007, 21:59
The Destroyer, later Type 15 AS Frigate HMS Undaunted was adopted by the London Borough of Barking

26th June 2007, 22:33
Hi Yorky Jim

A few more to add to the list:

HMS Ribble (K525) by Ribble
HMS Success by Downham Market whilst building but was renamed and transferred to Norway on completion as the RNN Stord
HMS Duncton by Curdridge (Minesweeper)
HMS Deodar by Stevenage (Minesweeper)
HMS Abercrombie by Angus
HMS Beverley by Merythr Tydfil

I also understand that Vol 2 of Admiralty Ship's Badges notes a number of towns that adopted.


24th July 2007, 20:06
The Cathedral In Canterbury Holds The Bell From Hms Canterbury And Is Rung Only By An Ex Rn Stoker From The Ww2 Era, The Ship That He Served Aboard Was The "z" Class Destroyer Hms Zest.

9th November 2011, 23:31
if you see this link http://www.hmsseahawk.com/Canvey_1.html
you can read the story of a motor launch and a small community.

Cheer John

14th July 2012, 16:30
HMS Zenith was adopted by Sevenoaks Kent .

14th July 2012, 21:32
Following a successfull WARSHIP WEEK in december 1941 the town of
BARRY adopted HMS VANESSA (D29)-v&w-class destroyer built 1918.

15th July 2012, 22:40
This link reached through Warship Week. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Also this info.http://archive.catholicherald.co.uk/article/28th-november-1941/7/-cossack-was-adopted-by-blackpool-convent