24th June 2007, 23:58
Does anyone have a photo of Nottingham to complete my collection of vessels sailed in. I have found one on SN but it is tiny.

25th June 2007, 10:14
Picture of Nottingham at
Regards, Dennis.

25th June 2007, 19:03
Thanks, Dennis. Just the job.

Bob Bush
26th August 2008, 12:55
I Took the Nottingham/GCNC to the Taiwan breakers in 1971, a geat ship.

Rgds Bob Bush

23rd September 2009, 18:45
I Took the Nottingham/GCNC to the Taiwan breakers in 1971, a geat ship.

Rgds Bob Bush

Hi Bob, I only signed on today at this site and found your thread. Do you have any more info about the Nottingham scrapping? I sailed Chief Eng in her from about Oct 1968 to March/April 1971. When I left her and the company(the company wanted to transfer me to "Sussex", bigger ship said they, more sh*t said I, so I resigned and went ashore!) there wasn't even a rumour she was going to the knackers yard! She wasn't called the company's yatch for nothing. Regards, John Stocker

28th September 2009, 19:26
Hi Bob
I sailed on the Nottingham from April 1970 until April 1971, cannot remember faces of the crew after so long, but when I was on her it was more or less the same crew, if I remember right the Master was Albert Britain, Bosun Alistair Irvine, remember the lampy was a big fellow but cannot remember his name, spoke with one of the crew who took her to scrap and he said as soon as they were alongside they started dismantling inside her when the crew were having their breakfast.
rgds Jim Mouatt

28th September 2009, 23:22
hi from stores, 6 more photos of her on OLD SHIP PHOTOGRAPHS, CLICK ON THUMNAIL FOR FULL SCREEN IMAGE,