G'day from Down Under!

16th March 2005, 21:30
G'day from Queensland on a bright sunny morning, ex-pat from London UK been here since 1975, was back in the UK in 1989 but couldn't wait to get back here to Aussie.Was in ship repair for 17 years mostly on all hydraulic systems but did specialise in propellors, steering and watertight doors as well as stabilisers and thrusters. now an Old Age pensioner living on a river bank just 10mins from a beach at Woodgate,Qld.

16th March 2005, 21:50
Welcome to the site.Enjoy all it has to offer.You are joining a great bunch of folk.look forward to seeing any pics or experiences to share,


16th March 2005, 23:24
Welcome to SN from me and the other members !

Doug Rogers
17th March 2005, 00:27
Welcome indeed and hope that you enjoy the site and the fraternity!!

19th March 2005, 08:56
Thanks for the welcome it is much appreciated, will certainly keep in touch in the future

20th March 2005, 11:30
Welcome from Italy and i hope to see your pics.