Does anyone remember ?

28th June 2007, 23:13
I wonder if anyone remembers Derek Matthews, 2nd Mate around 1960/1961,
can't recollect whether it was Mahronda/Mahanada that I sailed with him. I believe he came from the Wolverhampton area.
Also Derek Peters, who was 2nd Mate on the Mahronda in the mid 60's. After the Mahronda, he went to the Maipura. I know that at some time he was working at Felixstowe, and the for De Savary at Falmouth. After that the trail is kaput !!
And I see Alan Atacks name cropping up now and again. Met him in June 1961
on a short voyage from Manchester to Liverpool. If anyone is in touch, please give him my salaams.
Max Benson