NZ Sailing Ships

frank earl
29th June 2007, 11:54
Does anyone know what happened to the Echo and the Squall? They were sailing ships which plied between the North and South islands of New Zealand when I was there in the sixties,often bringing apples from the south to Wellington.Frank.

29th June 2007, 12:09
Heres info on Echo

Vessel Name: ECHO
Vessel ID: 1118978
Official No: 118978
Vessel Type: Scow
Owner: Eckford and Company
Built: 1905
Builder: William Brown and Sons, Te Kopuru, Dargaville
Region Built: Northland
Vessel Abstract: 1920 bought by Eckford & Company. 1942-44 served as a supply ship in the Pacific. 1965 ceased operating as a commercial vessel. 2005 she still survived, up on the hard at Shelly Beach at Picton, operating as a museum and restaurant.

The only info I have on a Vessel named Squall is a Coaster not Sail

Jan Hendrik
29th June 2007, 13:55
Frank, for stories and photos, go to:


frank earl
29th June 2007, 22:26
Thanks Boys,Interesting stuff. I would have loved to buy her and sail round the Bahamas with rum or coconuts as cargo. She was a flat bottomed scow,if she performed anything like Everards flat bottoms,would have been murder.They would roll on wet grass,as many were converted landing craft. I must have been one of the last to see Echo as a genuine sail cargo vessel.I am sure there were two,perhaps I got the name wrong for the other.Frank.leeds.

Jan Hendrik
30th June 2007, 03:50
Frank, have a look at this.
Your ECHO has been preserved and converted into a restaurant.

30th June 2007, 09:44
I was in picton recently and saw the Echo on the hard as a resturant. I also believe that she starred in a movie called Th e wackiest ship in the navy.
Asfor the Squall she was a coaster and there were two others the Calm and the Breeze.

Cheers Brian.

Jan Hendrik
30th June 2007, 15:32
Actually there were more: STORM, GALE, etc.

For a full fleetlist of Canterbury Shipping: