Kilkeel "Castle" trawlers original names?

Mike Craine
30th June 2007, 13:00
The following boats were part of the Donnan fleet in Kilkeel, N Ireland. All had red painted hulls, but what was their previous names and who built them. please?
CASTLE BAY, N138 was built in 1948 at Buckie.
CASTLE ROCK N205 was built in 1955 or 58 at Buckie
CASTLE VALE N12 was built in 1955 at Buckie.
CASTLE HILL N84 was built in 1956 at Peterhead.

18th September 2008, 23:26
There was also Castle Dawn

jim andromeda
18th September 2008, 23:45
Castle Vale was built in Herd & McKenzies as the Havila