Bigest Container vessel

2nd July 2007, 14:29
Please Can Any One Tell Me The Name Of The Container Vessel Shown On Sky Discovery It Was In Europort And It Was Bottoming Out I Thik Its Stena Something

2nd July 2007, 14:33
Was it not Emma Maersk

2nd July 2007, 14:50
Im not sure which one was on the documentary but the biggest container vessel afloat is the Emma Maersk 3

2nd July 2007, 15:08
I didn't see the programme, so can't advise on what ship was shown, however, Kotteman is right the Emma Maersk (and sisters) are generally acknowledged as the largest containerships, in terms of nominal teu capacity, afloat at this time.

You mention Stena, but they don't own or operate containerships. Are you sure it was a containership and not one of the Stena V-Max VLCCs?


3rd July 2007, 02:51
Discovery recently had a programme on that was based on one of the OOCL ships. Brit captain and Philippino crew. Was it that one?

3rd July 2007, 13:35

As Phil has already pointed out, Stena don't own or operate Container ships. The biggest container ships in the world, at the moment are the Emma & her sisters. I have yet to see a V-Max Tanker in Europoort, but I have seen others, like the Stena Atlantica, and the Ice class ships.
I to, haven't seen the programme in question, but like with other discovery programmes, it will be repeated time & time again, so someone may get the name of the ship.

3rd July 2007, 13:41
Theres been a programme on about the Berge Stahl maybe thats the one