Ship wreck near Pulau Aur and Singapore

4th July 2007, 06:33
This is my first post to this form.

I am a wreck diver and have been diving a shipwreck for years near Singapore that is a complete mystery to me and anyone who has heard about it.

The Ship is a Single screw tanker that likes similar to the “British Sailor” in this gallery section. The wreck is completely intact but has several large blast holes with metal bent outward.
• Plastic name plates on switch board
• Cork insulation in cold room
• Turbine powered
• Completely devoid of any furniture or other identifying items
• Nice brass port holes and split cage lamps
• Appear to have been scuttle
• May have RCA radio gear with date of 1947 or 1957

The wreck does not appear in any list of ships sunk near Singapore. The wreck is about 12 miles east of Palau Aur and about 85 miles from Singapore.

It would be very satisfying to have the history of the ship.



18th July 2007, 23:23
When I was their in the early 80's the ship was still their. That was one port you do not stay in town for long in. We where their on a grain ship for 28 days in the rainy season. Don't ever care to go back.