Anyone remember Stan the Purser?

7th July 2007, 20:52
Would any of you Cunarders/Brocklebankers remember (or indeed have sailed with) a Purser who's first name was Stan?

I just cannot remember his surname but Stan, who was of very slight build and height, could speak fluent Hurdu and probably a couple of other dialects.

I sailed with him in Kuwait Shipping Co. around 1973-75 ish - he was a true gentleman.



7th July 2007, 23:11
Stan Devereux / Deveraux ???? Sailed with him, he was Purser on Mahout in '65. Not sure of the spelling

Derek Roger
8th July 2007, 01:31
Stan practiced classical guitar ; Taught me how to play to a degree . I just didnt have it !
I got an insight into Segovia ; Jesus Lopez and Jullian Bream and still listen to their music .
He was a very good Chief Steward ; very personnable and a good feeder !
Sailed with him only once on the Mahout.

For those interested in classical music his favorite composer was Carcassi ( Spelling ) Italian as I recollect .
Regards Derek

He had a lovely Guitar an old Gibbson he had bought in the States second hand late 50s early 60s .

8th July 2007, 08:22
Thats it - many thanks guys.

Stan was a good feeder indeed and managed his Goa catering crowd very well due to his linguistic abilities.

I last met him in '76 when joining a KSC new build in Pusan - Stan was out there based in the Foreigners Hotel overseeing the catering and admin side for the flow of new ships coming out of the yard.

A true gent and a pleasure to know.



10th July 2007, 16:25
Hello Steve, I see you had a spell in the dreaded "Foreigners Hotel" at Hyundai.
Sorry but account above of Stan D--- does not accord with my experience.

Stuart Smith
11th July 2007, 14:40
I remember Stan when he was feeding us on Mahout in 1964. Several of us apprentices started guitar lessons with him. I found it too difficult so dropped out but Dennis Henshaw bought a guitar shoreside and persevered with the lessons to such an extent that he still plays today, up there in bonny Scotland.
I also remember Stan treating our 2nd cook for 'boils' or other skin 'leasions'. He would lance these things every few days and let out the pus. This continued all the way out to Calcutta, or maybe Aden, when the poor cook was seen by the medical officer and was then taken ashore not to be seen again. We heard later that he had died from the final stages of chronic syphillis!!!!!!
The food did taste good though.

Stuart Smith

David Byrne
14th July 2007, 09:04
I sailed on MAHOUT in 1964 as a horribly green apprentice and Stan Devereaux was the Chief Steward - I recall that he was billed as Ringo Starr's Uncle and, further, he had strongly advised young Mr Starkey's father to make Ringo give up the drum kit and get a proper job (!)

2nd August 2007, 11:43
I also sailed with Stan in KSC, maiden voyage of the Ibn Rushd. Stan stood by in Govan and took her to the first loading port of Antwerp. Apart from his linguistic and musical skills he was also a bit of a magician.