HMS Exmouth and HMS Clyde at Ardrossan in June 1962

10th July 2007, 19:10
In early June 1962, HMS Exmouth ( Lt. Cdr. Troubridge) and HMS Clyde (Lt. Cdr. Houston) visited Ardrossan, Scotland. Exmouth was on a promotional visit for a few days, but Clyde stayed only two hours, then left.
Was anyone on these ships, or can tell me about them, and why would HMS Clyde spend just two hours there. Hardly time to get tied up before letting go again.
Thank you, Douglas.

10th July 2007, 22:04
I wonder if it had anything to do with the anti-Polaris demonstration at Holy Loch? On 9/10 June 1962, demonstrators tried to block Ardnadam pier, used by the American depot ship Proteus and the submarines, and 142 were arrested. The Exmouth was on duty in the loch at the time.


10th July 2007, 22:32
Thanks for your prompt reply Martin. I hadn't thought of that, and had forgotten all about the Polaris demonstrations, despite living not too far from the Holy Loch. Thanks again, Douglas.