Henry Hall

13th July 2007, 17:33
Do any of you Clan Line engineers remember a Chief Engineer Henry Hall?
My first trip in MN was after being shangahied from Clan Line coasting to Bullard King Umgeni, one trip was enough, least said the better.
Henry Hall was CE on her at the time.
Some time later when I was with Brocklebank I with a couple of lads were going back to our ship in Kidderpore Dock, I think it was Manipur, when I spotted him out on deck on a Clan ship. Long story short was that the Chief Steward or Captain on Clan Ship had not come across with the goodies to the customs and they had in reply had closed the bond, so a pub with no beer in fact. I invited him back to our ship for a few jars, and he went back to his ship with a case of Tennants Export under his arm.