Cd Or Dvd

14th July 2007, 21:00
Hello All
If i want to save photos on to a disk do i use cd or dvd disks.


Gavin Gait
14th July 2007, 21:08
If your saving a lot of photo's ( over 3000 ) use a DVD-RW as that lets you add to it until the disk is full ( which would be a LOT of photo's ).

A jpg coded photo ( usually 1024x768 or up to 3000x2000 and 110kb or 500kb ) will be normally what people save. I sometimes save images that haven't been edited direct from my camera ( each one 3000x2000 and 1.2Mb ) and use a DVD-RW for those.

If your photo's ( scans or digi-cam ) are less than 500kb then just use a CD-RW as you will be able to get 1200 photo's of 500kb or around 3000 if less than 200kb.


14th July 2007, 22:12
If you're looking for long term archival of material, CD probably represents a safer method of storage.
DVD's pack far more data into each unit of area of their surface thereby increasing the chances of data being lost if some of the media substrate degrades or the surface of the disc is damaged somehow.

That being said, I'm using DVD's for storing photographs myself now, but with the intention of keeping a full set on a spare hard drive for safe-keeping.

With the arrival of the digital photography age, there are going to be a *lot* of people who lose recordings of memories or events important to them, either through hard drive failure with no backups, or the cheap storage media they use degrading before they expect it to.

14th July 2007, 22:54
It also depends on for what the disc is to be used.
If it is for other people to see, then maybe their
players won't read them ... Myself, I prefer to have
two external drives, and two DVDs of each of the
camera XD card files; The external drives also have
copies of each and every file on the PC and laptop.
I can then be secure .. I keep CD copies of special
files as well. Safer storage.... If they are to be used
for archive for many years, keep updating the copies
on new materials.

15th July 2007, 12:53
Thanks to all for your information, it is greatfull thank you, this is a great site for info.

15th July 2007, 16:52
You might also like to check out this thread which I resurrect from time to time to remind people of the need to back up their photos:



15th July 2007, 17:32
Horses for courses here, 4.7 Gb as opposed to 700 Mb. One thing that I have learned from my website, however, is not to rely on one type of media. I always back up to DVD and also to a slave hard drive. Belt & braces, that's me.

6th August 2007, 09:00
CD, DVD and hard drive for me and also send a few copies to friends and relatives just in case of fire or theft. Checking the CDs and DVDs regularly is also a good idea.