Mv Cedric 1967

17th July 2007, 19:18
Anyone recognise any of these Pirates ?
taken around xmas 1967 en route Aus, picture courtesy of Hugh Baird.

5th December 2007, 05:11
The photo is well titled.

The Bosum and the Lamptrimmer are the two faces I recognise.

5th December 2007, 10:51
Greetings Willwall and welcome to SN. Enjoy the site and thanks for signing on. Bon voyage.

7th December 2007, 00:40
On the left is Ray Girling, Bosun and 4th from the left is Hugh Baird, LampTrimmer.

12th December 2007, 01:45
correct, can you name any more ?

greg mellor
8th July 2014, 08:46
Remember the bosun well and the lampy, if i am right bubbles Carroll was the Captain nice guy good for a chat with anyone.

11th July 2014, 01:47
Great photo~ Hugh ~ sorry was not on Cedric so dont know any of these guys ~ but just wish more crew would post photos of themselves at parties in crew mess or pig 'n whistle on the passenger liners. I worked immigrant liners but we had great parties and few photos in those days ~ but there must be lots of photos in personal archives which could be uploaded here. The good old days on the ships ~ best days of my life!!

25th June 2015, 14:05
I remember the bosun as being a big guy, I was a new EDH then, only a teenager.

greg mellor
26th June 2015, 07:12
You are right he was a big guy, the lampy I remember was Percy he ended up with a good position in Australian customs, Nickolaidis was the chief steward.