HMS Volcano WW2

18th July 2007, 20:34
There was a programme on our local TV station about places in Cumberland (now named Cumbria) and a war time training camp for Bomb Disposal Teams called HMS VOLCANO,although I have lived in this county for most of my life and more or less knew most of the RN and RAF Bases which were around in the WW2 I had never heard of this one,hardly anything remains of the Base today but apparently a few shell holes are still on site where bombs and mines were exploded during training. Does anyone have more on this Naval Base ?

English Rose
28th December 2008, 16:42
Hello, I was involved in the research for the programme you mentioned...for further info check out this


K urgess
28th December 2008, 16:47
Welcome to the crew, Sheila, and thanks for the link. Very interesting.
Find your way around our ship and enjoy the voyage.

30th December 2008, 18:16
Thankyou Sheila for that information about HMS VOLCANO, living in Cumbria I am interested in all ex RN bases in the County and also in Southern Scotland, the nearest to me is the transmitting station at Anthorn which was named HMS NUTHATCH in the 40s and 50s but I believe we had some just over the Border in Sth Scotland--HMS VOLCANO seems to be a shore base which people in Cumberland (Cumbria )were unaware of probably on account of the work they were employed in during WW2--very brave men doing jobs such as that.
Thanks again and as Marconi Sahib has already said, a very big welcome to the site Sheila.