Bellis & Morcomb wins the day!!!!

19th July 2007, 21:55
I've just had a knee-mail from Charlie Drought who said he had been out, for a snifter, with a John Wilkinson (I can't remember him myself) who was an ex-Brocks apprentice but then, crucially, for this hugely important investigation (he said modestly) re. "Mangla/Mathura's" turbo-alternators, spent over two years on "Mathura". When Charlie asked him if he could remember what the turbo-alternator was on "Mathura" he answered "Bellis & Morcomb" without a moments hesitation. Ergo if "Mathura" had a Bellis & Morcomb turbo-alternator "Mangla" would have the same so it would appear all of us, who were certain that we were right in the first place were, indeed, e-r-r-r, right!! Burra salaams Phil Roe