Thumbnail images

Bob S
23rd March 2005, 14:56
I’m still having serious problems with thumbnails showing the wrong images but getting the correct image when expanded. I notice from comments in some threads that other members get this from time to time also. This only effects images posted since the hard disc crash, all images prior to the crash are 100% OK, I get the problem logged on both as a member and a guest.
I’m not totally convinced that it is a problem with my desktop PC, I did at first because my laptop was functioning OK but now I’m starting to get wrong images on that too. I’ve tried the solution mentioned on the site, cleared the temp files, cleared the cookies, done disc clean ups and even defragged but to no avail.
My desktop uses Windows XP, laptop Windows 2000 both using AOL 9.0 for internet connection.

Question: Are any other members experiencing this problem? If so, what happened after using the solution, what system are you running and what internet connection are you using.

I would like to get the wider picture before raising this with Microsoft/AOL.

Bob Smith

23rd March 2005, 20:59
Get it odd times.Running Windows XP BT Broadband connection.

John Rogers
23rd March 2005, 23:21
Win XP Home,DSL line,IE6 No problem noted.

Doug Rogers
24th March 2005, 02:15
Win XP Pro, Telstra Broadband connection. Some troubles after the crash but all cleared up now after a general cleanup.

Doug H
24th March 2005, 02:32
Same as the other Doug

Jan Hendrik
24th March 2005, 04:57
Same as Doug and Doug. Keep trying

24th March 2005, 10:07
Windows ME, IE6, Dial-up. No problems before or after, but did have trouble getting back onto site after crash.

Bob S
24th March 2005, 14:00
Thanks everyone, looks like it must be my end so I shall raise it with MS & AOL to see what they say.
Thanks again.
Interesting twist to this, see Jewel of the Sea thread.

Bob S
1st April 2005, 15:11
My thumbnail problem now appears to have passed. (=D)

I had a theory that the thumbnail data for the images that were lost because of the hard disc failure had some sort of “identifier or address” that was stored somewhere on my hard drive other than the temp files. As new images were created after the failure, they duplicated the “identifier or address” and my computer supplied the wrong thumbnail image. I developed this theory because the wrong images were of ships that were no longer on the site, i.e. the ones that were lost. It seem now that the site has passed the point where these “identifiers or addresses” are being duplicated and therefore the correct images are now being created.