Bulgarian Navy - From beginning to present days

23rd July 2007, 07:22
Here you can see pics of Bulgaian Navy from 1879 to present days with accompaniment of famouse bulgariqn marches.

Bulgarian Navy (http://vimpel.boinaslava.net/images/Bg%20navy.exe)

5th October 2007, 13:13
Interesting to visit, if only to see what they bring to NATO - as one of NATO's newest members - but, you have to wait until the middle of the third march, and the begining of the fourth (the last) march before you see anything slightly modern. Good music though!

Pete Legg
5th October 2007, 15:13
Thanks for posting this ODZAVA, I found it very interesting. And I agree,the music is good too. Thank You.


5th October 2007, 20:06
very interesting.............

many thanks

Hugh MacLean
5th October 2007, 20:57
Yes, I enjoyed it too...thanks for posting.


9th October 2007, 20:55
Just stumbled upon recent information on modern Bulgarian Navy (and, their other armed forces).


At the end, the site also includes "leads" to:

- the rest of the forces that might be considered "Military of Europe", and
- the nations bordering the Black Sea (treaty) forces,

(. . . to which I will return immediately !!)

13th October 2007, 05:47
Excellent, very interesting - If anyone has any pics I can use on my page (with credit of course) I would be most grateful.
Rgds Neill

6th November 2007, 00:12
From: “Warships INTERNATIONAL FLEET REVIEW”, December 2007 issue, Page 6.

"The French DCNS group is at the centre of a programme that will see the modernisation of Bulgaria’s naval forces.

A French-Bulgarian working group has been set up to finalise the contract, for the procurement of four "Gowind" corvettes, before the end of (the) year.

The programme will be led by DCNS’s Lorient shipyard and will involve extensive cooperation with Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry (BSI) in Varna, Bulgaria.

BSI will complete an important share of the work as part of a technology transfer, resulting in significant economic benefits for Bulgaria.

The "Gowind" corvettes, designed for coastal missions, are directly derived from the advanced design and technology of the FREMM (French-Italian joint venture), multi-mission frigates, the future front line warships of the French Navy".

Useful links are:

http://www.warshipsifr.com/ The magazine is a good read - but not as easy to disguise as “work”, as it is when sat at the keyboard

http://www.dcn.fr/us/index.php In English - which was a surprise, plus . . . .

http://www.dcn.fr/us/offre/batiments_surface/gowind200.html The “sexy” little vessel herself!

25th January 2008, 20:10
Thanks everybody for taking my representation in good part. (Thumb)

14th February 2008, 11:03
From: “Warships INTERNATIONAL FLEET REVIEW”, March 2008 issue, Page 9 - just received yesterday, reports:

“ . . . the Bulgarian Navy (has decided) to drop its plan to acquire the (new build, French) Gowind Class corvettes.

Instead the Bulgarians intend buying two further former Belgian Wielingen class frigates (ex-BNS Wielingen and ex-BNS Westdiep), and one Tripartite Class mine-hunter (ex-BNS Myosotis).

The Bulgarians already operate the Wielingen class frigate Druzki (ex-Wandelaar)".