More Nostalgia !!!
24th March 2005, 07:36
Hello to you all. On our website we have nearly a hundred pages of photographs and historical accounts about ships, seamen, shipping companies, shipbuilding, shipwrecks, wreckers, smugglers, censuses, and even every mariners memorial inscription, for the Llyn Peninsula, North Wales, as well as emigrants to America in the 18th and 19th century. There's also a good selection of Blue Funnel photographs, that we have borrowed from local seafarers families. I myself have been at sea for 37 years, and I am now on the "Seawell" a british dive support vessel, in the North Sea. there is a page or two about her aswell, just to give you some idea about our work. All the best, Tony Jones ( (=D)

julian anstis
24th March 2005, 12:39
What an excelent website this is....great all rounder for photo's and stories what a credit to the site operator. Much of interest for everyone...11 out of 10.....without a doubt

and welcome aboard, hope you enjoy ours as much as I have enjoyed yours.

P.S. Its a shame that we dont have a direct link to other sites as good as this.....and vice versa it all helps build membership.

24th March 2005, 22:49
Welcome to ships Nostalgia
26th March 2005, 06:21
Thank you all for a great website, I've spent hours on it in the last three days. Julian, Thanks for your kind words about my website, it started off as a bit of a lark, but when the stories and the old photographs started flooding in, I knew it was too late to turn back. (not that I ever wanted to) I've put a link to these pages on my main maritime page, and hopefully will spread the good word. I notice that you don't have a section on D.S.V's in your ships & shipping section, is it possible to set one up? I've worked on several of this type of vessels in the last few years, and I've got quite a few photos and stories about them. Keep up your great work, and thanks once again, (;)) All the best, Tony Jones,

Doug Rogers
26th March 2005, 08:55
Greeting Tony, welcome and I hope you keep enjoying. Have had a look at your site and am totally in agreement with the earlier comments.
You are right that we dont have a section on DSV's on the forums, normally we have been posting unusual ones in the Special Purpose Vessels Forum, have a look and if this doesnt suite I am sure another request will bring good things.

scottie dog
26th March 2005, 10:25
Hi Tony,
Just had a look at your web-site great stuff, I also have been on Seawell and Wellservicer back in the early 90s left nmm to join the FPSO Gryphon in 97
and left there 2yrs back.
I have been shoreside since but strong possibility I will be back with nmm and back on the DSVs very soon.
Ill look out for you
Mike Scott

scottie dog
26th March 2005, 14:44
Welcome aboard Rhiw grear site for old shipmates and even older ship buffs like myself.
Stena Seawell (now Seawell) built in Sunderland and it's a wonder they ever finished the two sisters from the stories of all the problems they had in building, but she's still going and still busy.

Seawell and wellservicer were dogged with problems well after sailing, the offshore subsea cranes suffered major problems resulting in loss of contracts and millions of pounds spent trying to upgrade, the seawell eventually added a work over derrick to do the jobs the cranes were originaly designed to do but even this fell short of expectations.
I stood by the wellservicer crane computer re-fit in Kristiansand Norway, although big improvement the crane was still a nightmare.
The anti rolling system never worked satisfactory and the six Hedemora diesels needed constant attention.
It was a credit to the crew that these expensive vessels were kept in employment.

scottie dog
26th March 2005, 15:09
attached wellservicer