Hello out there

24th March 2005, 17:29
I am doing this for my brother Les Penman he was in the merchant navy in the late sixties and did couple of trips to Austrailia and new zealand on the Arawa cargo \passenger ship not to sure on spelling , he is looking for Doug Harvey or huggie,or fish he was knowen any one out there know off his where abouts Les did some trips on tankers also .

then there's my father in law who sailed on the Pr ometheus Blue Funnel Line off semarang Java 1934 he was Bert Spittle he later went in the royal navy for 2nd war hope some out there knows

24th March 2005, 22:47
Welcome to ships Nostalgia good luck with your search!

25th March 2005, 09:44
thanks for info will keep looking
wendy spittle (nee penman )

Edith Kern
3rd April 2005, 20:51
Hello, have just spent an hour or so being nostalgic!
Have a freind who sailed on the "arawa' will see if he has any information for your brother, this will not be for another week til he visits me in the Wairarapa again.

5th April 2005, 17:38
hello thanks that would be great if he does know anything