Easter Sunday Wreck

25th March 2005, 15:33
One of the most colourful stories ever to come out of the Llyn Peninsula North Wales, was the loss of the Iron Barque “Stuart” which came to grief on the north coast, on a foggy and drizzly morning, on the 6th of April 1901. She left Liverpool on Good Friday bound for New Zealand with a load of porcelain, Whisky, and a general cargo that included amongst other things, Pianos and Cotton bales. The Stuart struck the rocks in the early hours of Easter Sunday. From now on the story of the Stuart takes on a different tack so to speak, and with the passage of time, fact and fiction appear to fuse and the two become increasingly difficult to disentangle, but one thing is certain, when word got around about the wreck and especially her cargo (and I don’t mean the cotton bales or the piss pots) it changed this part of Llyn for decades. To wake up one morning and find an Aladdin’s cave full of goodies on your doorstep, especially with the poverty that people had to endured back then, it took a lot of willpower and faith to stay on the right side of the law. So hordes of local people descended on the Stuart like a swarm of Locust, and within no time at all they were helping themselves to her "Cargo". The Customs & Excise arrived en mass, with a Mr Mason Cumberland in “charge”. But the locals were already away with a lot of the goodies. They even buried barrels, and shoved bottles down Rabbit holes. (And rumour has it that some are still being found to this day) because at the time they were so much under the influence they couldn't remember where they'd hidden them, and the party went on for months. To this day many local households have their dressers adorned with the porcelain, and some farmhouses have kitchen tables, and the odd bottle of whiskey still unopened (see photo). A friend of mine has a nice milk jug, and I have an original photograph. The keel of the Stuart is still visible on a very low spring tide. I have been to see it on a couple of occasions. But haven't found any "Sporran Juice" yet. Full story of the wreck, and others on my website. www.rhiw.com

John Rogers
25th March 2005, 17:21
Reminds me of that old movie "Whiskey Galore" Great story Rhiw.

26th March 2005, 07:23
A wonderful story - thanks for sharing.

27th March 2005, 06:45
Another couple of amusing anecdotes that I heard recently, one unfortunate chappy suffered a back injury whilst dragging a grand piano away from the scene. And ladies carried bottles of whisky in their bloomers, to evade the customs!!!!! Tony.