Colbert Cruiser in France : ugly news

30th July 2007, 00:02
I learned with deep consternation that the FNS Colbert, the Last French Navy cruiser commissioned in 1957 and as a floating exhibit in Bordeaux, France since 1993, was recently towed to Brittany for a lay-up before scrapping scheduled in 2010.

This utterly disgusting piece of news is typical of the French attitude towards any ship of historical value: They just consider it as a disposable commodity. This attidude led France to loose a nearly all their floating heritage, the SS FRANCE/NORWAY/LADY BLUE being only a tip of the iceberg.

the following links give more information about the Colbert

and the association struggling to save the colbert: a bird valiantly fighting to lift a mammoth.

This links shows a British News paper covering the subject

I don't know why they called the ship a battleship. Shouldn't they call it a cruiser? True, this is a ship to lead battles..

I plan to start a petition online, but I need to coordinate with members of the association first.

Will keep you informed.