Dock Express France

Bob S
25th March 2005, 15:48
The French heavy lift ship DOCK EXPRESS FRANCE (‘79/5496) arriving at Tilbury power station with new unloading equipment on the 8th August 1990 assisted by Alexandra’s tug SUN XXV.

Jan Hendrik
28th March 2005, 10:49
Is this vessel now called DockExpress 10 or 14?
Here you find the DockExpress 10 picking up some cranes, also for Tilbury, in Spain last year.
Dockexpress vessels are owned by Dockwise of Breda, The Netherlands.
Don't understand the French connection, but I may be wrong.

picture by: hempelinformacion 61, spain

Bob S
28th March 2005, 12:31
Yes Jan, same vessel. I've got a pic of her after arriving at Tilbury with the same cranes. I'll post it when I get the chance.