25th March 2005, 18:12
I can honestly say that my trip on the Raeburn, was the best that I ever made. Left Liverpool 12th of September, and paid off at Manchester on 12th November 1973. The East Coast of South America, was one of the best runs back then. I have attached a photo that I took in the crew bar. Front row on the left is Paul Arrowsmith, steward, back row second from left, was a good friend of mine, Jimmy Melia A.B. from Liverpool, sadly we lost touch after that trip. Hope you can recognise someone in the photo. Regards Tony Jones. R867015.

John Rogers
26th March 2005, 01:26
There was no beer on the ships I sailed on years ago,in port you may see a few bottles about but not when you put to sea,
just the tot of rum from the Chief. Many tried to make a brew but most the time it would rot the socks off you.

glynn gerard hewitson
15th August 2007, 22:06
sailed on raeburn sept to dec 57 as cabin boy .
visited rio.santos.montevideo and buenos ayres.brilliant places.
would cost a fortune nowadays to visit.great bars.
would like to go back sometime to see the places properly.(Thumb)
anyone remember the liverpool bar in b.a. or the a.b.c.bar in santos.

16th August 2007, 16:49
Greetings Glynn and welcome to SN. Thanks for signing on and enjoy the site and all it has to offer.Bon voyage.

9th March 2008, 23:31
Sailed on the Raeburn august 1976 to november 1976 east coast of south america paranagua, itajai,rio, santos,rio grande de sol.
was 5th engineer at the time

steve mcdougall
13th July 2012, 12:21
(==D)I sailed on the raeburn 14th oct 1974 to 22nd dec 1974, as junior engineer c/e was tony garnett 2/e malcolm russell 3/e cameron haddock ex 3/e derek dalton chief steward jimmy spears captain williams, i was a first trip j/e to b/a montivedeo any of this crew now known any where.

terry bayley
9th August 2014, 15:37
My name Terry Bayley, ex AB i sailed on the "RAEBURN" as a deck boy -
ie Pegee? for two trips from 23-12-1957 to 30-5-1958. sign on Liverpool-
sign off Dublin. To south america B.A. anyone remember the Light House Bar?
and the NEW INN?

9th August 2014, 17:34
........ Hope you can recognise someone in the photo. Regards Tony Jones. R867015.

I thought this was going to be about coal fired stoves! I recognize Andy Capp ..... read the other day that he's stopped smoking!

Sounds like a good ship, Tony.

John T