Caribica, Altair, Martime Fidelity wrecks in S china Sea

6th August 2007, 07:29

Does anyone have any info on these wrecks. They all sank South China Sea. some photos would be great but any information would be nice.

Caribica, 1975 sunk Sept 1990 31,185 DWT, Tanker, tank explosion

Martime Fidelity, 1983 sunk july 1999 25,406 DWT, Bulk Carrier, rammed

Altair 1981, sunk Sept 1993 20,848 DWT, Tanker, tank explosion



6th August 2007, 08:23
Here's some info surrounding the incidents.......


Panamanian Motor Tanker, Atlantic Blue Ocean S.A. built KK Uwajima Zozensho, Uwajima. 12010 GRT 155 x 25 x 12.6. ex STOLT SEA.

" On September 25th 1993, while proceeding on a ballast voyage from South Korea to Johore State Malaysia, the 11 year old Altair broke in two following an explosion in the South China sea, 47 miles north east of Tioman Island. She sank 75 minutes later in Lat 03.18.11N 104.56.18E. Of her 21 Korean crew, 18 were rescued by the container ship Choyang Express. The others were missing presumed dead. it was later reported that the crew were tank cleaning at the time of the explosion.



Panamanian motor tanker. Seapride Inc. 1975 Korea Shipbuilding, Busan. 19460GRT. 31185DWT. 183 x 26 x 11. ex PETROBULK STENA(1987) ex STENA CARIBICA(1986) ex AFRAN NEPTUNE(1984)

On Sept 7th 1990, while proceeding in ballast from Taiwan to Singapore, an explosion and fire ripped through No 8 Stbd tank and No 8 Centre tank, when about 375 miles north east of Singapore. One crewman died. These explosions damaged the shell plating and bulkheads to such an extent that seawater poured into these tank then subsequently into the pump room and engine room. The CARIBICA with a Hull and machinery value of 3.83M, sank in Lat 05.25.96N long 107.53.27E on Sept 8th. The 25 surviving crew members were rescued by the South Korean fishing vessel POONG SAN No. 15.