Atlantic Conveyor

11th August 2007, 07:48
I have downloaded a couple of photo's that Charlie Drought sent me of the Memorial to Conveyor when he was there in June for the 25th Anniversary Rememberance Day. I have put them on the Container Ships site in The Gallery. Salaams Phil

11th August 2007, 09:39
Phil, Two very poignant photographs. I will post a note on the Vintage Port site directing interested folks to Charles's pictures. Thanks & regards. Chris Allport

11th August 2007, 10:28
Ernie Vickers tribute Atlantic Conveyor:

In 2005 I was present at the unveiling of the Merchant Navy Falklands Memorial at Tower Hill, London where I laid a wreath in honour of Ernie Vickers. I never knew Ernie personally, but we both shipped out of Middlesbrough Shipping Federation at the time situated in the Dundas Arcade at Middlesbrough. When the war started I was on a ship laid up in Australia's Sydney Harbour awaiting a cargo of coal for Japan, and was in Japan when the Argentineans surrendered. When I came home on leave I heard the story of the loss of the Atlantic Conveyor and Ernie's death and I never ever forgot his name.