Piero Casiglia
26th March 2005, 13:39
I need help.
I'm research plans ,pictures or other information regarding S.S. Solunto.

I have already collected the following information :
Launched in Sunderland U.K. on 1872 by shipbuilding W.WATSON iron hull no.419
Propulsion : North East Marine Engine Co.Ltd.
Measures : feet 285 x 35
Tonnage : gross 1869 ton – net 1582 ton
Power : nom.225– reg.800
Owner : La Trinacria Soc. di Nav. à Vapeur –PALERMO
As you will have noted , the vessel was launched at Sunderland U.K. in 1872 by the shipbuilding “W.WATSON” and the propulsion was installed by North East Marine Engine Co.Ltd. in Sunderland.
From the research conducted up to now in the area concerned , it was not been possible to find construction plans and/or designs or other image , which could assist me in the construction of a small model, that could then be delivered to the “City of Palermo”.
The request of material is the last one in a long list of other elements already gladly obtained , which will allow us to give the historical meaning that is intended.
In fact, the “SOLUNTO” peformed its first voyage on the 8th june 1877, leaving from the port of Palermo direct to New York, which started the regular italian service between the mediterranean and New York. In doing so, this established a consistent movement of peaple from one continent to the other for an entire century.
We hope that you will give your best attention to this historical research. We feel that the following e-mails we received during the research will be of use to you :
1) – ShipList – http://www.picosearch.com/cgi-bin.pl
from 1877 new owner “I. & V. FLORIO” – Palermo
“ 1881 “ “ “Nav.Gen.Italiana-NGI” – Genova
1900 – scrapped
2) - TWAS – TWS@Gateshead.Gov.U.K.
“according to the Lloyd Shipping Register the “SS Solunto” ship no.419 was built by W.Watson Shipbuilders in 1872 and was originally named the “Lagana”.The number 419 is the yard number given to ship by the shipbuilder

I thank you for any additional information or pictures about this ship
Regards Piero

Piero Casiglia
26th March 2005, 16:59
Dear John 236, Thanks for useful informations. the four steamships launched on 1872 are of the same tonnage ? ciao Piero

Piero Casiglia
31st March 2005, 14:11
Dear John 236, I have send messages at Glasgow Museum and Sunderland area.
Please accept my apologies for my english. Thank you and when arrive the answers
will inform you. (have writing fair ?) otherwise give me 6-
Ciao , Piero.