Ocean Dawn info wanted

13th August 2007, 20:53
Can anybody help with any details on Ocean Dawn seen at Shoreham (South Coast) on 10th August 2007. Picture attached (I hope). Did find one black and white picture in the gallery but no details

Thanks in advance

Steve Farrow
13th August 2007, 21:35
She was the Lowestoft trawler, LT. 446 and was built at that port in 1956.
131 gross tons, 63 net tons, 360 hp, In 1967 she was owned by the East Anglian Ice & Cold Storage Co. Ltd. Originally owned by Bloomfields of Gt.Yarmouth YH.77

14th August 2007, 09:22
Thanks Steve

15th August 2007, 21:58
Thanks Steve
Hi we own Ocean Dawn. Looking a bit of a state at the moment but are working hard on her. Still seaworthy. We are looking for any information/ history about her, her crew and working days.

15th August 2007, 22:09
Hi Debbie I hope someone comes up with some more info for you as I will be following any answers you get with interest too. Good luck with the work on her. What are your plans for her when she is "shipshape" again ?

15th August 2007, 22:19
As she is still seaworthy we hope to travel. The last trip we did was to La Caruna in 2004

15th August 2007, 23:15
My records show that a trawler was at Portsmouth sometime about 1957 ( an
unusual event in itself ! ) She was called the 'Rewga' and was 131 tons/1956 I have it noted down that she was later renamed Ocean Dawn.
In 05/2001 I saw an Ocean Dawn in Shoreham

Same vessel ? Perhaps my records have got a bit mixed up!! Rob

16th August 2007, 11:42
Debbie/Sandy just a thought but it may be worth starting a thread in the "Crew Members" forum for anybody that worked on Ocean Dawn/Rewga in the past

Gavin Gait
16th August 2007, 16:41
I'm just home from my holidays and i'll dig out my books over the weekend but I think this Ocean Dawn was indeed KY registered and was the last operational great Line fishing vessel to fish out of Aberdeen finishing in 1983. Jim Pottinger ( japottinger ) should have information about her as if it is her she sank in Aberdeen harbour , was raised and returned to fishing before being bought and converted into a live aboard yacht.

16th August 2007, 19:50
That's right- we did hear that she sank and was raised again but are not sure of the story around it

16th August 2007, 19:53
and she was called REWGA for a short period of time

Gavin Gait
16th August 2007, 20:15
Here's the information Jim Pottinger has about her in his book "Fishing Boats of Scotland".

Ocean Dawn KY371
Built by Richards Shipyard in Lowestoft in 1956 as Ocean Dawn YH77 , changed registration to LT466 in 1963. Sold in 1969 and reregistered Ocean Dawn KY371 when sold to Anstruther owners.

Sank in Aberdeen harbour 0n the 10th of September 1979 but quickly raised and refurbished. Continued to fish using great lines ( 10 mile long line with thousands of hooks targetting Halibut , Ling , Cod ) as she had since 1969 until she stopped fishing as the last operational great line fishing vessel in Aberdeen in 1984.

Sold in 1984 to Colne Shipping and converted into an offshore oil industry standby and rescue vessel and renamed Rewga.

Sold in 1987 to Sweden and she came back to the UK in 1988 to be converted into the Yacht she is today.

23rd December 2009, 22:53
Hi we own Ocean Dawn. Looking a bit of a state at the moment but are working hard on her. Still seaworthy. We are looking for any information/ history about her, her crew and working days.

Hi Debbie, I've seen your ship in Shoreham. I see that you are working on it. Would you like a hand? I am a retired aircraft engineer if that helps. I'm sure I'd enjoy working on the boat if you think you could use the help. I live near-by. Let me know if you're interested.

Thanks, Ron

24th December 2009, 16:06
Debbie, Here is the history I have, would be obliged if you could let me know present onwers and previous owners names.


Ocean Dawn: (YH 77) (1957 – 20??) (Steel)
O.N. 186405: 131g 63n 92 x 22.2 x 9.4 feet
360 hp 6-cyl 4SA by Ruston Hornsby Lincoln

14.01.1956: Launched by Richards Ironworks Lowestoft (Yd No 431) for Bloomfields Ltd Great Yarmouth as “Ocean Dawn” YH 77. 02.1956: Completed. 02.1956: Registered at Great Yarmouth YH 77. 1963: Owned by East Anglian Ice & Cold Storage Co Ltd Lowestoft. 21.02.1963: Registered at Lowestoft LT 466.1968: Owned by Small & Co (Lowestoft) Ltd Lowestoft. 1969: Owned by James Muir Anstruther Fife. 1969: Registered at Kirkcaldy KY 371. 10.09.1979: Sank in Aberdeen harbour. 19.09.1979: Raised and returned to service. 1984: Owned by Colne Fishing Co Ltd Lowestoft. 1984: Kirkcaldy registry closed. 1984: Converted to ORSV (Oil Rig Safety / Supply Vessel). 1984: Renamed “REWGA”. 1984: Registered at Lowestoft. 1987: Owned by Mats Lilja Sweden. 1988: Converted to yacht. 1988: Renamed “OCEAN DAWN”. 04.1991: Advertised for sale £65,000. 09.1991: Advertised for sale £45,000. 1998: Owned by J. Price Shoreham Essex. 2000: Owned by Mr S. Robertson.

22nd November 2011, 13:49
Some photos of the Ocean Dawn at work.

23rd November 2011, 15:44
Went down to Shoreham on 17th September this year (2011) and found her still there. Looks like some of the windows are now missing on the bridge front.

3rd February 2013, 01:39
@aavh (and other researchers): vessel is currently listed for sale on ebay (80k GBP): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Historic-ex-fising-boat-converted-live-aboard-/150989526162

- Bart

3rd February 2013, 13:05
Thanks for the update


4th February 2013, 05:01
You're welcome !

She's listed for sale as a "houseboat", based on the description it isn't clear when/if she's been seagoing recently or not. Frankly, it doesn't seem so. Condition of engine room and other important equipment for a seaworthy vessel also isn't mentioned.

The asking price seems pretty high given the condition and given the comments posted here earlier (decayed, missing windows etc).

Also, similar vessels from that era (like the monkleigh, Silver Harvester & Bryher) were recently sold for apparently under 20k € (for scrap) according to the discussion in the valiant star thread (http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/showthread.php?t=38041).

would be obliged if you could let me know present onwers and previous owners names.
Here's a little more info for the future researcher: According to the website, the current owners are Sandy and Debbie Robertson: http://www.survivethesavagesea.com/Sandy2.htm

- Bart