trevor page
15th August 2007, 12:22
Looking for a photo of HMS Cottesmore, Hunt class destroyer, built circa 1940,on which my father served during WW2 as AB Gunner. Regards Trevor

15th August 2007, 12:55
Are these of any help?

picture of sister ship HMS HUNT here

all the best, Raymond

bruce dennis
7th October 2007, 18:39
Hello Trevor,
HMS Cottesmore features prominently in the book I am writing. It concerns events in the Channel of October 1942, culminating in the sinking of the German Armed Merchant Raider KOMET off the French coast, and I would welcome hearing from anyone who was on Cottesmore or the other Hunt class destroyers and MTBs involved.

I look forward to hearing from you if you wish to discuss the research I have done.


Bruce Dennis

7th January 2010, 13:38
Are these of any help?

picture of sister ship HMS HUNT here

all the best, Raymond

For the record there has never been a ship called HMS Hunt as far as I can find
If you refer to the included web-site you'll find that that name applies to the class and not an individual ship. I am sure it could have been worded better
The 'Hunt class was divided into four sub-classes. The first three were all basically similar in design while the fourth class, (two ships, - Brecon, and Brissenden),were built with extended main decks, almost to the stern, with a short poop deck.
All the ships were ,obviously, named after well-known British Hunts.

7th January 2010, 13:59
Thanks for that clarification - I see I offered that two years ago! I am now more aware and better sourced. :)

j p foynes
7th November 2010, 15:46

You may well have seen it, but I do have some material about the KOMET action, noted from original Admiralty records, and could at least give you stuff to chase up, e.g via National Archives.
(I have written 3 books about the wartime East Coast, but have "spill-over" material about actions in the Channel.)

Julian Foynes
Julian Foynes