Pat O'Briens N'Orleans.

15th August 2007, 17:08
I've put a photo of me (he said modestly) Tommy Smith, Pat Macarton, Charlie Drought and Pete Evans on the Members Faces slot on t'Gallery! Cheers(Pint) Phil(Thumb)

15th August 2007, 17:41
I've just added another photo, in the Members Faces slot again (includes me again too!!!!), of a brilliant day in Vizag. There's one or two of the old stalwarts on it which people may like to see.(Thumb) Modest Phil Roe!

Tony Selman
15th August 2007, 21:58
Weren't we all smart going ashore in those days!

Derek Roger
16th August 2007, 03:13
On the Mahout as apprentices we went ashore in N'Orleans to Pats and got well pi---ed . On Leaving there was a cop car ( empty )by the entrance NOPD and for some reason my foot came in violent contact with one of the hub caps which then fell off ! I picked it up and ran back through the French Quater to the ship being pursued by 2 somewhat fat cops ! Fortunatly I got away and no shots were fired !!!
After we left New Orleans the hubcap was given a place of honor behind the bar .
As Mahout was sunk during the war up the Gulf I presume that hub cap is now in Davey Jones locker somewhere up the Gulf

john g
19th August 2007, 18:03
Derek I was a year or so behind you on the apprentice table and spent some good times on the Mahout but never saw the "hub cap" you mention , there was always a lot of memorabilia in the bar...."Pink Elephant" am I correct O happy days !!

Derek Roger
19th August 2007, 20:00
Pink Elephant Yes ! If it wasnt Mahout then it certainly was Markor because the only other time I was in N;Orleans apart from those two was Maipura ( Certainly was that time in 65 ) It would not be the Mahsud as I was 2nd Eng then and would not have been so irresponsible ( ?????)

20th August 2007, 07:19
A souvenir I picked-up, and fully intended taking home (though what my old Mum would have made of it I'm not quite sure!!!), was a coco-de-mer from The Seychelles. However we called at Gan, after The Seychelles, and an RAF Officer spotted it in my cabin when he was having a couple of tinctures with me and persuaded me to part with it, "to go in the Officers Mess". Foolishly I did, reasoning that I could always pick-up another one next time I went to The Seychelles. Never went back!!!! Daft-as-a-brush Phil(Jester)

John Ringrose
5th June 2008, 12:45
It is mentioned that Mahout was sunk up in the gulf. Which Mahout was that. I never heard she had been sunk.